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For over 35 years, Engel has been manufacturing underwear and clothing from natural fibers to the highest ecological standards, out of respect for both the skin and for nature – since 1986, also in an outstanding blend of merino wool and silk.

In 2013, Engel developed a new material made from superfine merino fibers that are only 17.5 microns thick combined with exquisite yet robust silk. This fabric is used to produce athletic wear for the ENGEL SPORTS line specially designed for sports and outdoor activities with ultimate comfort.


ENGEL SPORTS athletic wear is manufactured in compliance with the strictest criteria for socially responsible labor practices and ecological production. The entire manufacturing process is certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

The products are certified by the independent inspection and certification institute Ecocert Greenlife under the license number 151702 as displayed on labels and on packaging. The certification status can also be viewed online at

All ENGEL SPORTS products are also awarded Grüner Knopf.


Merino wool is exceptionally soft, does not itch, and comes from merino sheep in Patagonia (South America). In these subtropical grasslands, the climate is harsh and characterized by temperature extremes, dryness, and wind. The superfine and highly crimped wool protects the sheep from these elements. Around 90 million sheep live naturally on spacious pastures, some of them as certified organic livestock. The wool from these sheep is used for ENGEL SPORTS athletic wear.

The highly controversial mulesing method used in Australia and New Zealand in which the skin around the tail of lambs is removed to prevent flystrike is not necessary in Argentina due to the climate conditions and is also not practiced there.

The sheep are shorn according to strict animal welfare guidelines and the shearing process is accompanied and monitored by independent supervisors.

After transportation to Germany, the wool is treated with the innovative Naturetexx method, which eliminates the use of chlorine and toxic chemicals. This revolutionary process is powered with renewable energy and is an eco-friendly alternative to chlorine-based, chemical wool treatments. Thanks to this process, Engel Sports products are machine washable with wool detergent and, with proper care, they remain soft and do not felt. With this treatment, the natural properties of the merino fibers are fully retained.

After the wool is treated, it is dyed in Germany in a closed process using colors that are not harmful to health or the environment. The dyestuffs compound completely with the fibers resulting in colorfast garments that do not fade from washing.

The merino wool is then spun with silk to fine yarns at certified production facilities. The silk is conventionally produced in China. The combination of fine merino fibers and smooth, robust silk results in maximum breathability and regulates body temperature. The inclusion of 2 % elastane in the athletic wear, shirts and tights reinforces the natural elasticity of the wool fibers and guarantees that the garments conform to the wearer’s every movement.

Engel Sports products are manufactured and finished in Germany, either directly at Engel in Pfullingen or at certified production facilities that take the shortest possible transportation distances into consideration. This guarantees consistently high quality of production and compliance with the strict ecological and social standards required for all stages of production, all materials and inputs for each step of manufacture so that the final product can be certified.